Here is an other challenging question I had during my class: what skills 21st century children need to gain at the age of 12?

While working on Djazair Ta3mal, which is an employability portal launched by Silatech and Microsoft with an objective to empower job seekers in the Arab world with new skills, I came a cross a wide range of articles, reports and researches that highlighted the importance of communicating well, mastering MS Office and speaking more than a language. These were the top 3 abilities any job-hunter should have. But how about when and how to acquire them.

There is a global discussion on what future talent employees should look like and how to train them to meet the job market. Thus, international technology based corporates initiated a set of classroom learning requirement under the name of   21st century learning design. This latter, basically states that educators should encourage students to collaborate more with each other by keeping and effective communication channel and being self-regulated. Evidently,  the use of ICT in the class is as important as course books. Further to that, a released report in 2013 by IDC  defined the skills required for tomorrow’s best jobs. Where we will find almost all of children acquired know-how or competences that were said in today’s class.

If you are a teacher and would like to know more, here is a good course to get a better understanding on 21st learning design. All these pre-defined skills, may help teachers and or stakeholders to shape future courses so that would match with current or future needed citizens.

According to Sugata Mitra there is a general learning procedure: content, method and assessment. i.e., if we ask a child to pick up and apple from a tree there us surely a general background about the how and how to do it. Whether s/he can get the apple or not is the outcome that we – as parents, educators or citizens- will use to assess him/ her. This would lead to the way we will assess future learner, considering that there is a huge exam business that can be replaced but not left behind.

I would like to share with you some of my classmates’ tweets that are worth considering :