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Managing expectations should be a rule when writing any trip tip online. I’ve googled flea markets in Newcastle and Quayside popped up as one of the nearest place I should go to. I’ve also looked it up online, it mostly said that it is a market where we can buy old things and find amazing others.

That was not the case! It more looked like those display places where farmers and craft people would have a stall and showcase their products or work to the public. So if you consider going their, please do not expect to see vintage objects.

Although I started my tour with a bitter taste but I sooner enjoyed finding out about  what type of vegetables are planted in North East of England and how creative are some handmade shirts and rings. The funniest part of my visit was when I found out that there is a fortune teller. Yes, you heard it right! There is a palm reader inside an old greenish, I bet  the colour was, with cold gypsy caravan. For a while I thought I’m in Spain.

Apart from that, I think going there is worth it because you can see all the bridges there are in River Tyne.

That’s all for today, I leave you with this picture of the Cheveners, a group of recently awarded scholars who came from different part of the world and are studying in Newcastle University.

Till then, enjoy every moment you have in life and peace out!


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