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Months ago I wanted to start a new video  ”reportage” called The Lady’s Bag. Aiming to share with you the amazing places I visit but give also best bits so you would know what to expect when traveling there too. For this time only, it would be a picture-based set of Tynemouth.

One of my top 5 aims while in Newcastle is to visit as many towns as possible in the UK and to start with this week, I’ve chosen Tynemouth a lovely seaside town located on the North East of England at about 22 minutes by metro from Newcastle city centre.


Tynemouth Metro Station


I admit that the main gate doesn’t look sexy and not even inviting but what’s life without some adventure!

Whenever you arrive at the Tynemouth stop  there is a nice set of glass roofed market which would surely capture your attention. As if time has stopped in the 19th century where steel was still used to build exhibition buildings like the Crystal Palace, the station has a flavour of that and even more.

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You may have guessed it by now, I’m mad about flea markets. I think it is the best place where you can see what is valuable for people and can get a bit of their history too.

I heard an aged woman on that same market saying that what was displayed is what used to be the most treasured . I can’t stop thinking on the reasons that pushed these sellers , if I may call them this way, to table their belongings. However, and without drama, most of them will welcome you with a nice warm smile and will provide you with any information or help you need in buying item.

You will find books, Jewells, clothes, artwork, plants, craft and handmade objects, vintage décor and local food stalls. It is every Saturday and Sunday from  9am and  4pm .



It took me more than 2 hours to tour around the market, but I then headed to the beach. On my way I couldn’t resist to get in the Gatehouse, an old benediction castle where Northumbrian kings are buried.

Gatehouse is amusingly a voluminous place where it is too evident that there were two main occupants. The landscape is a combination of old stoned castle ruins and cemetery standing in the middle of a beautiful green grass next to military cannons. It is till I accessed the mini museum I learnt that it was once used as a military base. It is very had to imagine how it was if there weren’t pictures. I was also fascinated how at one point in history the British army used this historical place and even destroyed a part of it for their owns aims. Afterwards, the end justifies the means, huh! But what is good about the Gatehouse is it has a stunning view on the see, a section of the town and the North Pier lighthouse.

If you would like to spend a good and relaxing  moment, then don’t be afraid of water!

The best moment I spent was on a bench at the top of the Longsands beach. It was a real pleasure to see surf coaches teaching youngsters how to use their surfboard, children screaming and playing with water, and dogs swimming and chasing birds.

I can’t forget for sure the view  from King Edward’s Bay. It looked like an oil painting landscape with grayish blue clouds on the top , patterned brick houses and flicking yellow dotted black – for humans – beach.

This is it for to day, stay curious and peace out!

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