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Biskra I didn’t go in spring, though everybody was recommending this period to visit Biskra. It was a business trip so did not really have to choose between the months. And while there, the only thing I wanted to do is to blog about it. I couldn’t resist writing about a town in Algeria that has more than 6 sightseeing places. It was just the perfect place to be in.


Biskra cuisine is very spicy. Harissa, a hot chili papper paste, is called the queen of the table. You can find other ingredients like tiny red / green hot chili papper that can make you forget that you have a mouth for a while. Of course you can decide on whether to have a medium or very spicy meal when ordering.

Several dishes are known in this region, you have: Chakhechoukha, Tchicha Mermez, Tchicha Frik, Mehadjeb, Hasew, and the famous Dobara. Most of them have the same base, Rogage, and are served either with a red souce and wheat or a white souce with vegitables. If you would like to do the Rogage here is a simple  tutorial which can guide you through the steps. The Dobara however is a mixture of Harissa, olive oil, tomatoes, fava beans or chickpeas, and some spices all cooked together to get a very healthy meal.

It is very common to have a palm leaf cup covered with cade oil (El Gatrane) on your table. I have learnt that it keeps water cool and clean but also increase your appetit


One word you should keep in mind when there is “Kan Ya Makan”.  This latter is a new traditional restaurant that recently opened in Biskra. The owner, Banouna, wanted to recreate the same traditional flavours of his town’s famous food.

I heard a lot of stories about why the owner wanted to start a business. Some told me that he has two wives who were very good at cooking and due to their success he decided to open a resto.

But I prefered to ask him. Benouna said that his wife once cooked Mehadjeb and sent her elder son to sell them in a public café. The flat stuffed bread was so delicious that people where asking for more. Then with time he thought of opening a restaurant.

To be continued