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These last three years, I have been travelling a lot  across Algeria and abroad. It is always challenging to pack my luggage and avoiding paying excess baggage. I am a kind of woman who feels comfortable taking all her: clothes, books, jewels and other personal things. Fortunately, I could find good ways to not pay and take all the things I needed. Below is an easy step guide for a good traveler.

1. B&B Trousers

Appearance is important, sometimes, when attending a conference or a business meeting. It is quite senseless if you wanted to take all my trousers. So, I found that it is a bit tricky to take a pair of black and brown trousers only. Then, all you have to do is match them with different shirts.

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2. Secret Pocket

You will be carrying important documents when travelling. Thus, when buying a suitcase, back bag or a carry all, you should look for a hidden pocket to put in all of your passport and money. Hush! Do not tell anybody about it, except your spouse because you do not want to end up with a fight /quarrel.


3. Yuppie! Gifts

You would probably need more room in your suitcase, if you consider buying some gifts for your family and for you. Try to think ahead of the presents you want to buy and set up a feature list. They have to be practical and not cumbersome for instance.

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4. Use your charm!

It works sometimes, to use your best arguments in order not to pay the excess weight charge. Play the role of someone who does not understand the situation or state good reasons to not pay. It may sound irresponsible, but being ripped off by some commercial services is a common marketing method now.


5. Lock it!

Learn to travel safe, buy a lock. It is very disappointing to end up a trip without having all your things. To avoid any misadventure in an airport or elsewhere, take the time to have a quick look over your suitcase. And even if it may make others laugh, safety is as simple as ABC – always be careful.