The idea of creating a blog dates back to when I was at university. With the new Web 2.0, It was both trendy and informative to keep an online diary about different activities an invididual can do.

Excited about having a page a lot of names popped up from my head, but I made my mind and I selected : E-cool. I know it sounds like  the Darja word  “ecol” /ɪkʊl/ which is literally “école” in French. So, for me the “E” stands for electronic / education  (depends on my mood) and ” Cool” is an acronym for  a Collaborative Open Odyssey of Learning. Because everytime I want to learn it is like a trip with a group of peope who are all concerned about the same item and reach it by the end in different ways and that’s how human beings learn.

This time I will share my reflections about education in Algeria, my country, and abroad but also notes and best ideas about all what I think would be woth sharing with you.

So Welcome to E-cool and please do pronounce it right ;O)